Used Wood Palletspallet-stack

Replacing your pallets with recycled and remanufactured pallets offers substantial cost savings. In addition to the standard GMA pallet, Iron City offers many difficult-to-find sizes.

New Wood Pallets

Our extensive network of suppliers can also provide your company with brand new, high-quality pallets. If new is your need call an expert at Iron City today.

Iron City is an ISPM 15 Heat-Treated Pallet Provider

Due to the International Plant Protection Convention most pallets shipped across national borders must be made of materials that are incapable of being a carrier of invasive species of insects and plant diseases. The standards for these pallets are specified in ISPM 15. Pallets made of raw, untreated wood are not compliant with ISPM 15. To be compliant the pallets (or other wood-packaging material) must meet debarked standards and must either be treated by heat or fumigation.