Cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions for the manufacturing industry.

As the largest family owned and operated full-service pallet management and recycling facility in northeast Ohio, Iron City Wood Products has been buying and selling used pallets, crates and bulk bags as well as manufacturing new pallets since 1987.

Beyond GMA.

While most companies deal mainly with standard 48 x 40 GMA pallets, large and small manufacturing companies alike rely on Iron City to provide them with the non-standard, hard-to-find sizes largely utilized in manufacturing.

It’s about service.

We realize that you have a number of choices when choosing a pallet company. That is why we work harder at going above and beyond. Our people understand that customer service is what separates us from everyone else.

We take recycling very seriously.

Much of the reclaimed lumber that comes through our facility is remanufactured into custom-sized pallets. This minimizes waste and conserves local landfills. At Iron City being green is more than just distributing recycled materials.